Kadlec Ranch Rescue operates solely on your donations.  We ask for a minimum donation of  $100 per kitten, $175 a pair, $80 for Teens and $60 for adults.  Everyone that is available is spayed or neutered, has age appropriate vaccines and treated for parasites.   We accept cash, checks or credit cards.  If you pay by credit card this is done directly through our website. If you choose the website route, please bring in your  payment receipt or it can be done at checkout. No kitten or cat can leave without payment. 

We rely on outside donations from the community as we are not government funded. Throughout the year we host a few fundraisers that help our Rescue cover costs. The cost for medical, feed and shelter for each animal far exceeds the adoption fee.  If you are not adopting and still want to help us outside of a financial donation, you can send wet kitten food (such as Fancy Feast or Purina Pro Plan) and clumping litter - both can be ordered through Amazon or Chewy.  We have a "Wish List" located on our donate page. We also accept financial donations on our "Donate Button" listed on this site, snail mail or on Facebook.  

Without your donations, Kadlec Ranch Rescue would not be able to continue doing what we do in order to rescue and save so many lives. All donations are greatly appreciated, and the Rescue and kittens thank you from the bottom of our hearts!