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“Kadlec Ranch Rescue is a Non-Profit rescue designed for the sick, injured, abandoned or orphaned. Our goal is to help as many animals in need in Rock county, Wisconsin and the surrounding area”.

The core of what we do at Kadlec Ranch Rescue is to foster, care for, and adopt out cats and orphan kittens as well as provide farm and barn cats to the public. We are a small but mighty rescue and not in the business to rehome your pet.

Because we are a small rescue, we have a team of volunteers and foster homes that care for all types of situations that range from orphaned and abandoned kittens that need to be bottle-fed, pregnant moms, moms with litters, cats that need socialization, and care for sick or injured animals. The animals are cared for until they are old enough, healthy enough, and socialized enough, at which point our rescue works to get them adopted into amazing, forever homes. All cats and kittens will be altered and have age appropriate vaccinations.


Kadlec Ranch also participate with a Trap-Neutered-Return (TNR) program to help manage various cat colonies.  By doing this, we help by reducing the number of cats that reproduce several times per year and are causing the crisis we are facing today.  

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