Fostering is accepting an animal into your home for a temporary amount of time until they can be placed in an appropriate, loving home. We believe fostering provides a comforting home environment for our kittens to flourish in a non-shelter environment. Most kittens are healthy and just need a temporary place until they get big enough to be altered and adopted. Some may be under socialized, un-weaned, pregnant, sick, or injured and need additional specialized care to become ready for adoption.

People from all walks of life find fostering rewarding. People foster for many reasons, for the love of animals, to involve their children, to find comfort themselves in watching the kittens grow. Retired people find fostering a greatly rewarding way to spend their retirement years. Sometimes people that are looking to adopt do foster care until they find the perfect match and adopt their foster kitten. Whatever your reason, foster care helps give animals the very best chance for a successful adoption!

Kadlec Ranch will provide all the food, litter and medical bills for you.  You just need to have a quiet, warm space where the littles can spend their days growing up and have some time to devote to them and monitor their health.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, please print and fill out the application below and email it back to us.  Or, you can snail mail your application as well.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at