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Kadlec Ranch Rescue is an all cat rescue that began in 2007 by owner Angela Kadlec in Janesville, Wisconsin. The Ranch operates as a 501c (3) non-profit and runs solely on donations from cat/kitten adoptions, monetary & supply donations and fundraisers.  Angela is employed full-time as a Radiologic Technologist at the UW Veterinary Hospital in Madison, WI. She received her  Radiology schooling while active in the US Army. Angela was deployed with the 801st Combat Support Hospital during Operation Enduring Freedom and is now a US Military Veteran. When not working she spends her time caring for the animals at the Rescue. We also have dedicated volunteers that clean & feed at the rescue daily as well as a strong team of foster volunteers.  Our foster volunteers handle many types of situations including orphaned and abandoned kittens, pregnant moms, moms with litters and cats and kittens that need socialization. Because Angela works full time during the week, we cannot keep scheduled hours. Adoptions during the weeknights are by appointment only however, no appointment is necessary for weekend adoption events.


Owner Surrenders:

We are a small rescue and not a Humane Society. We are unable to re-home cats as we simply don't have the room or resources. Our core mission is to rescue felines kittens from abandoned, orphaned, sick or injured as well as pregnant mama’s. Some of the adult cats that end up at the Rescue may not be suitable for a home environment and therefore are placed as farm and barn cats. 

Kadlec Ranch Rescue

TNR :                                                                                               Kadlec Ranch also participates in a Trap-Neutered-Return (TNR) program to help control various cat colonies.  Angela currently manages three of them during the warmer months.  Feral cats are humanely caught with live traps in a monitored environment.  The feral cats are taken to a vet to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Most are re-home as barn and farm cats. TNR is done to help control the overpopulation crisis that we face.

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